While ISIS is gaining strength in the Sinai Peninsula, the IDF held a military exercise with no less than 2,000 reserve soldiers from the Southern Command, who arrived in a day and simulated a scenario of transition from peace to emergency.

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Today (Tuesday), the IDF announced that its largest reserve forces exercise this year has been successfully completed. During the exercise, there was a surprise recruitment of 2,000 reserve soldiers of the IDF’s Southern Command Reserve Division.

The soldiers arrived on base in a day and began simulating the transition from peace to emergency. The IDF stresses that not all of the division’s combat soldiers were recruited but only a section of its 4 brigades. 92% of the reserve forces that were summoned arrived.

The exercise was held in light of ISIS’ growing strength in the Sinai Peninsula. Approximately a month ago, the terrorist organization launched 2 rockets that exploded in the Eshkol Regional Council. A week before that, ISIS claimed responsibility for rockets launched towards Eilat.