It was cleared for publication on Wednesday that the IDF’s Unit 8200 thwarted an ISIS terror plot to down a civilian plane in 2017. The soldiers transferred the information to the Australian authorities, which arrested the terrorists, who were close to executing the attack.


Archive Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The Israeli military revealed on Wednesday that Unit 8200 foiled a major ISIS plot to down a civilian plane heading from Australia to Abu Dhabi last summer. In addition, the IDF explained that an Iranian cyberattack on Israeli networks was prevented by the elite intelligence unit.

The Israeli soldiers, along with the country’s intelligence community, provided the Australian authorities with the information that they gathered on the planned attack. The local security forces were able to arrest the terrorists, who were in the final stages of executing the attack.

The 8200 team was led by a young female Israeli officer. Within 48 hours of discovering the first detail about the plot, the team relayed the intelligence to the Australian authorities. The IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate stated that the team’s work saved dozens of innocent lives.

In addition, Unit 8200 and the military’s Defense Division of the Telecommunications Bureau recently thwarted an Iranian cyberattack targeting private and public organizations in Israel. According to the forces, they were able to thwart the cyberattack due to their close monitoring of Iranian operations and the early detection of attempts to attack Israel.