Earlier this month Hamas terrorists arrested in Israeli prisons launched a hunger strike after the installation of electronic devices that block their smuggled cell phones from receiving reception.

The prisoners raised the stakes by refusing to drink water for seven days until their demands for better conditions and the removal of these electronic devices that are blocking cell phone reception are met.

The hunger strike was being led by some of the most notorious Palestinian terrorists that Israel has ever put behind bars. Among them is Arman Mahamed, who is serving 36 life sentences for orchestrating the suicide attack that killed 11 and injured 54 at Coffee Moment in the center of Jerusalem on March 9, 2002. Hassan Salame is serving 84 life sentences for the bus bombing of line 18 in Jerusalem in 1996. Muammar Abu Sheikh is serving 29 life sentences for his role in the bombing of the Park Hotel in Netanya that killed 30 and injured 140 on Passover Eve March 27, 2002,

The Hunger Strike has ended after the terrorist leaders reached an agreement with representatives of Israel’s prison division.

According to the agreement the penitentiaries will place public telephones in the pavilions for prisoners to be in contact with their relatives, and the return of family visits from the Gaza Strip. However, the electronic devices that block the signals of cell phones will remain in the prison facilities.