Students who took part in Thursday’s tragic hiking trip to southern Israel had expressed real concern in text messages written just days before, which were published on Friday by Israel News Company reporter Moshe Nussbaum. One of the victims wrote, “We’re going to die. I’m serious.”

Photo credit: Max Pixel

Police are still looking into who authorized Thursday’s hiking trip to southern Israel, during which 10 high school students were killed in a flash flood near the Dead Sea, despite the multiple weather warnings issued.

Just before going on the trip, some of the students themselves expressed concern in text messages they sent to one another. Some even joked about the possibility of being swept away by floods.

In a correspondence between several of the youths just a day before the trip, Shani Shamir, one of the victims, wrote, “I cannot believe I’m actually going on a trip in this weather. It doesn’t make sense to go to a place where there’s floods all around. It’s tempting fate. We’re going to die. I’m serious.”

Maayan Barhum, another victim, received a text message from a friend asking her to give updates from the trip. “Sure,” she replied, “Unless I get swept away by the floods. That could be funny.”

One of the staff members at the Bnei Zion pre-army academy, after being asked specifically whether the trip was still on despite the weather forecast, wrote, “As some of you may have noticed, it might rain in the south on some of the days of our trip. Naturally, the trip is still happening. Don’t worry, we are well-prepared and the academy has confirmed it with the relevant sources. It will be a fun, wet experience.”