The former Israeli President was sent to prison five years ago for rape, and has since filed for early parole several times. All of his requests have been denied on account of his refusal to take responsibility for his actions.

Screen capture: Channel 2 News

Newly released footage shows former Israeli President Moshe Katsav meeting with a rabbi and sharing his feelings of frustration during one of his leaves from prison. The video was taken last July, as Katsav was anxiously awaiting the decision of the parole board, which eventually denied his request.

In the meeting, Kastav continued to blame the Israeli media and court system for creating false allegations against him. “For 10 years, my name has been smeared all over the world,” he says in the video. “Even though I held such senior positions, I didn’t know the system. If they can do this to me, I can’t imagine what they can do to an ordinary citizen.”

The former president added that he would have gotten a fairer trial in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. “There, they cut off your hand. I prefer to have my hand cut off than go through all of this,” he tells the rabbi.

The Israel Prison Service (IPS) has stated that it will check whether or not Katsav knew he was being filmed. If it is found that he did, he could face disciplinary measures.