Families hoping to enjoy Israel’s national parks during the Passover holiday will have to look for other ways to spend their vacations.

On strike - at the peak of Israel's hiking season (Archive)

On strike – at the peak of Israel’s hiking season (Archive) Photo credit: Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority/ Channel 2 News

Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority has announced today (Tuesday) that it will be closing all of the natural parks and nature reserves in Israel during the upcoming Passover holiday. All schools and many offices are closed during the holiday, which makes Passover time the peak of Israel’s hiking season. Hundreds of thousands of visitors were expected to go out to enjoy the various nature reserves around the country.

A statement released by the workers’ committee stated that a general strike will be held on April 12-13 and is likely to extend to the rest of the holiday. Negotiations on the terms of employment for the Nature and Park’s Authority have apparently reached a dead end, leading the workers to strike.

Israeli's enjoy Passover vacation (archive)

Israeli’s enjoy Passover vacation (archive) Photo credit: Tom Amit/ Channel 2 News

As part of the Nature and Parks Authority’s strike, all sites and rescue stations will be closed. Only certain personnel have received special permission from the Histadrut to work during the strike and only in emergency situations. The employees were instructed not to answer any phone calls or hold meetings. The strike includes all of the employees of the Nature and Parks Authority including senior level management, all of the support units, employees, site workers, rescuers, staff members and all of the supervisory personnel.

The workers’ committee explained that the reason the strike will take place in the middle of the Passover holiday is because of “a halt in the negotiations that have been going on for a long time without results. We will soon turn to the courts.”