According to data monitored on social media over the past week, 2,417 posts expressing hate or incitement toward LGBTs were written on various Israeli websites.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The Israeli LGBT Association has revealed a troubling 21% increase in expressions of hatred towards the LGBT community on social media, just three days ahead of the annual Tel Aviv pride parade.

According to data provided by specialized monitoring systems, 2,417 posts expressing hate or incitement toward the LGBT community were written over the past week on various Israeli websites, as opposed to an average of 1,900 such posts on most weeks.

“Homophobia exists in the Israeli society, and we deal with it every day,” said Chen Arieli, the head of the association. “It does tend to rise above the surface during pride month. Our report center works day and night in order to respond to as many complaints as possible, in cooperation with authorities and the police.”