A highly-rated officer recently estimated that in the next three years at least one female officer will be promoted to the rank of major general, and it is quite possible that two women will arrive at this post. 

According to the army, there are currently seven female army officers with the rank of brigadier-general.

The seven women are: Chief of Staff, Brigadier Meirav Kirshner, Adviser to the Gender Team Leader, Brigadier General Sharon Nir; the Head of the Personnel Department, Brigadier General Michal Tshuva; the Head of the Military Censor, Brigadier-General Ariela Ben-Avraham; the Vice President of the Military Court of Appeals, Brig. Gen. Orly Markman; the Deputy Chief of the Engineering and Construction Division of the Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General Orly Stern; And the financial advisor to the Chief of Staff, Brigadier-General Ariela Knol-Lazarowitz, who is also a member of the General Forum of the Israeli Defense Forces.

By 2013, for comparison purposes, only three women had the post of Brigadier General in the army

Female tank instructors of the School of Infantry Professions (Wikipedia)
Female tank instructors of the School of Infantry Professions (Wikipedia)

In 2018, 36 women are also serving in the army with the rank of colonel, and the number do not include the Chief of Staff’s decision to recently promote three more women at that level.

At the SLA level, the number is even higher, and 326 women now rank first, compared with 291 women in 2013.

The issue of women’s integration into the military has long been a matter of contention especially regarding the issue of integrating women into combat roles. The army prides itself on the fact that 90 percent of professions are open to women, and the remaining 10 percent are mostly combat units in army units and special units.

The Air Force also recently saw a trend of promoting women to senior positions. Just a few weeks ago, IAF commander Major General Amikam Norkin decided to promote the first woman to command an air force squad.

The army leadership explained that the trend is to promote women and integrate them into many professions and positions, since the army opens the possibility for women to advance.