Before his upcoming historic visit in Israel, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a special interview with Channel 2 News that he sees Israel as a technological partner and anticipates fruitful cooperation between the two countries: “Our friendship is very good.” The full interview will be broadcast on Channel 2’s Seder Olami program (Saturday, 6 pm).

Modi interviews with Channel 2 News

Modi interviews with Channel 2 News Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Next week, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to arrive in Israel for a historic visit. The Indian leader, who worked as a tea distributor as a teen, generously expressed his fondness for Israel. “I look forward, through you, to saying hello to all of the people of Israel,” he said in a special interview with Channel 2 News at his official residence in New Delhi.

Three years ago, Modi was democratically elected to lead the world’s second most populous country. Since then, he has enjoyed unprecedented popularity in India and throughout the world, primarily due to the economic revolution he has successfully led in the subcontinent. “The goal of my government is to realize the dreams of the younger generation in India,” he said. “Our path is: reforms, performance and changes. That is how we will reach new heights.”

Netanyahu and Modi meet in New Delhi

Netanyahu and Modi meet in New Delhi Photo Credit: GPO/ Channel 2 News

“India is a country with great potential,” he continued. “It is for that reason we want to focus on the infrastructure of the coming generations- train tracks, water infrastructure, fiber optics. We want to place a focus on these issues in order to create a modern India. In my village, for example, we want to improve the quality of life so that even the poorest will have a roof over their heads.”

When asked how Israel fits in with his worldview regarding the new India, Modi explained that it is the way Israel has managed to develop and grow against the odds. “Israel developed in such a short time and it made everyone look at it in wonder,” he noted.

“As soon as you say ‘Israel,’ they think about innovation, technology, stratospheres, space, agriculture, resource utilization. That is Israel’s footprint. All of these things are very compatible with India’s vision. All of these things make us work shoulder to shoulder beside Israel and expand our horizons together.”