Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas held a press conference alongside Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ramallah on Saturday. During the event, Modi stressed his country’s support for the Palestinian people and even said that he hopes to see a Palestinian state established as soon as possible.

Abbas and Modi in Ramallah, yesterday

Abbas and Modi in Ramallah, yesterday Photo Credit: Flash 90

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Ramallah on Saturday and said that he hopes that a Palestinian state will be established in the near future.

During a joint press conference with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Modi highlighted his country’s relationship with the Palestinian leadership. “I have assured President Abbas that India is committed to the Palestinian people’s interests,” Modi said, as quoted by the PA’s official media outlet Wafa. “The relations between India and Palestine have stood the test of time.”

Abbas thanked Modi for his support and said that he hopes India will take on a role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Wafa added that the Palestinian leader then claimed that the PA has never rejected negotiations. “We have been and are still ready for negotiations,” he stressed.

An official ceremony was held in honor of Modi’s arrival at the presidential compound, also known as the Mukataa. While in Ramallah, he visited the mausoleum of former PA President and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat and laid a wreath at his grave.

Modi’s trip to the West Bank took place about a month after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited India to mark a quarter century of bilateral relations between the countries. During his six-day visit, Netanyahu attended the unveiling of a memorial to commemorate the 166 people who were murdered in the series of attacks in Mumbai in November 2008. The memorial is located in the Mumbai Chabad house, which was one of the 12 targets that the terrorists struck.