An indictment was filed against the terrorists who murdered Reuven Schmerling on Sukkot Eve in Kafr Qasim. While interrogating the terrorists, investigators discovered that the terror suspects decided to kill Jews from a nationalistic motive in order to avenge the death of their friend, who was eliminated by Israeli security forces during an attempted terror attack. They had also planned out future terror attacks in the West Bank.

The scene of Reuven Schmerling’s murder

The scene of Reuven Schmerling’s murder Photo Credit: Elkana Regional Council/MDA Spokesperson

A serious indictment was filed today (Sunday) against Youssef Khaled Moustafa Kemil and Muhammad Ziad Abu al-Roub for murdering the late Reuven Schmerling earlier this month in Kafr Qasim. According to the indictment, the two Palestinian terrorists decided to carry out a stabbing attack following this summer’s Temple Mount crisis and in order to avenge the death of their friend, who was eliminated by Israeli security forces during an attempted stabbing attack. The terrorists were charged with premeditated murder and illegally entry and residency in Israel.

The terrorists, both of whom are Qabatiya residents, illegally entered Israel with the help of an illegal transport and were arrested by the Shin Bet, Yamam and the IDF the day after carrying out the terror attack.

The indictment indicates that one of the accused planned on carrying out a stabbing attack against Jews prior to entering Israel and took advantage of his illegal entry in order to bring his plan to fruition. After the two terrorists spoke, they decided to stab one of the Jewish employees who works in the area in which they were staying within Kafr Qasim.

The indictment also details how the terrorists purchased the knife that they utilized in order to murder Schmerling. Furthermore, it is noted that the two lied to Schmerling telling him that the refrigerator in their room was broken and asked him to help them fix it. Upon arriving to examine the refrigerator, one of the accused distracted Schmerling while the other began stabbing him in his back.

While interrogating the two terrorists, investigators received information regarding further intentions of the accused to carry out terror attacks against Israeli targets within the West Bank together with other terrorists from Qabatiya.