A road-side confrontation between international supermodel Bar Refaeli’s father and Hod HaSharon’s Deputy Mayor ended with an indictment. Refaeli, who according to the Deputy Mayor attacked him and cursed at him, has been charged with threats.

Rafi Refaeli and his daughter, Bar

Rafi Refaeli and his daughter, Bar Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

An indictment was filed today (Tuesday) against Rafi Refaeli, who is the father of Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, for making threats. Refaeli was charged for threatening Hod HaSharon Deputy Mayor Yoav Rozen during a road-side confrontation. Refaeli’s response: “They’re searching for me because they weren’t able to file an indictment against me for the police officer affair.” The case against Refaeli, who was suspected of assaulting police officers who arrived at his home, was closed a few weeks ago.

“The lawsuit that they wanted to file against me didn’t go well for them, when the police officers attacked me and it didn’t turn out well for them,” Refaeli added. The investigation began following a complaint that was filed in August 2016. Rozen claimed that Refaeli attacked him, threatened him and cursed at him in the middle of the street for an unjustifiable reason after he allegedly would not clear the road.