5 days after he was arrested on suspicion of providing MK Basel Ghattas with the cell phones he smuggled into an Israeli prison, an indictment was filed against Asad Daka. According to the indictment, Asad Daka, the brother of a convicted terrorist, gave Ghattas the cell phones and SIM cards, which the Arab MK smuggled into Ktzi’ot Prison.

Asad Daka

Asad Daka Photo Credit: Yair Sagi/Flash 90

The Beersheba District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment today (Sunday) against 65-year-old Asad Daka, the brother of Palestinian security prisoner Walid Daka, one of the terrorists MK Basel Ghattas visited in Ktzi’ot Prison. The terrorist’s brother has been charged with terrorism-related crimes and attempting to smuggle cell phones into prison.

Walid Daka is serving a 31-year sentence for the murder of an IDF soldier. According to the indictment, Ghattas met with the terrorist’s brother at a gas station on Route 6 and gave him 4 packages containing 12 cell phones, 16 SIM cards and additional equipment. Ghattas was supposed to smuggle the packages into the prison for the terrorist.

The Beersheba District Attorney’s Office also claimed that on the same day, Ghattas smuggled the equipment into the prison and met with the terrorist. Ghattas provided the terrorist with documents. Later, Ghattas met with another prisoner, Basel Bizra, and gave him the packages. According to the indictment, the accused was aware that the cell phones would be given to security prisoners and most likely knew that they would be used in order to harm people and Israel’s security.