A post that was written on Israeli Arab MK Ahmad Tibi’s Facebook page in 2012 led to an indictment this week, as two defendants were charged with threatening the MK’s life. One of the defendants’ attorney: “The charges are delusional.”

MK Ahmad Tibi

MK Ahmad Tibi Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court filed an indictment this week against two defendants who wrote a post on MK Ahmad Tibi’s Facebook page, in which they allegedly threatened his life. “Using the social network Facebook, the defendants threatened to unlawfully harm MK Ahmad Tibi in order to scare and taunt him,” the verdict read.

According to the indictment, in January of 2012, one of the defendants wrote on MK Tibi’s Facebook page, “Tibi you ugly man, you better run away from here because soon you will be killed,” to which the second defendant responded: “Don’t worry, his end is near.”

“It is sad to see that freedom of speech has become worthless in our country,” stated attorney Moti Yossef in response to the indictment, describing the charges as delusional. “My client will prove in court that her statements do not constitute a criminal offense and that it his her full right to express her opinion within the limits permitted by the law.”