Concerns in Israel are rising due to the rapid deterioration in the health of hundreds of security prisoners participating in the hunger-strike. Initial contacts have been made with the foreign country in order to bring in foreign doctors to force-feed the prisoners.

Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Following yesterday’s report that Israel is considering the possibility of bringing doctors from a foreign country in order to force-feed hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners, concerns are rising in Israel due to the rapid deterioration in the health of some of the protesters.

As of now, 850 security prisoners are participating in the hunger-strike, which began 19 days ago. Some of the prisoners will most likely need to be hospitalized in the coming days. Due to the Israel Medical Association (IMA), which has prohibited Israeli doctors from force-feeding hunger-striking prisoners, Israel is operating quickly to find an alternative strategy.

Photo Credit: Michal Fattal/Flash 90

According to reports, Israel has already made the initial contact with the country in order to expedite the arrival of the foreign doctors.

Joint Arab List MK Ahmad Tibi attacked the plan: “The thought of flying in doctors from abroad in order to force-feed is an immoral manipulation aimed at bypassing the IMA’s prohibition. The very idea is horrible and shameful. The prisoners’ demands must be met instead of conducting a dirty struggle against them.”

As reported earlier by JOL, several Hamas terrorists joined the prisoners’ hunger-strike. Each of them is serving life sentences for the murder of dozens of Israelis.

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