Soon you will be able to know everything about the battles that occurred throughout Israel seven decades ago now that a website has made the operations and clashes from Israel’s War of Independence more accessible. Within the next year, the website’s operators hope to upload extensive information regarding all of the battle sites that have become prosperous cities and towns.

The battles are accessible on the interactive map

The battles are accessible on the interactive map Photo Credit: Kloger Zultan/GPO

The battles of Israel’s War of Independence are distant memories for the elders of our nation yet for many others, they are simply “ancient” history from which few details are remembered: raising the Ink Flag in Eilat, conquering the Galilee and the fighting on the way to Jerusalem – in Latrun and Sha’ar HaGai. But, the battles of this war occurred in nearly every place within the small country that had just been born and even took place near currently inhabited Israeli towns and cities.

The website Map of the War of Independence strives to make the war’s events graphically accessible in a clear and interesting manner: interactive maps, which display the battles and the important towns and cities that were established in those locations over time. For example, the website allows users to search for battles based on the location’s current name.

Upon searching for the present-day Israeli city of Ramat Gan on the interactive map, the battle for Efal in December 1947 appears. This battle was the first attack on a rural locality during the War of Independence. Just days following the UN’s recognition of the Partition Plan, about 150 armed Arabs from Jaffa and the Ono Valley attempted to attack Kibbutz Efal and were repelled by the kibbutz’s defenders and a reinforcement company from Kfar Azar in a battle that took place near Sheba Hospital, which is located not too far from the present-day Safari in Ramat Gan.