The Israeli Police Force arrested 4 people who are suspected of committing international fraud from Israel. The suspects allegedly charged telecommunication customers abroad for services the customers didn’t intend to use. Their scam allowed them to steal tens of thousands of euros from customers worldwide.


Archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

An international fraud scam was shut down by Israeli police officers yesterday (Thursday) when 4 people were arrested. These suspects are believed to have stolen tens of thousands of euros from hundreds of innocent victims abroad.

According to suspicions, 3 foreign tourists and 1 Israeli who has dual citizenship charged clients abroad for telecommunication services they didn’t need.

In order for the scam to work, the suspects rented an office in Tel Aviv and equipped it with phones and computers. Using the computers, the suspects sent random messages to people abroad, in order to make them call the phone line that the suspects possessed.

The suspects imitated the local phone companies in the countries of the victims. The victims were charged international calling costs every time they called the phone line that was in the possession of the suspects and a portion of the fee made its way to the suspects’ bank account.

After a covert investigation, the police arrested the suspects while they were in their Tel Aviv office. The police also searched the office and confiscated computers and documents.