The scandal overshadowing US President Donald Trump’s presidency involves those in his closest circle. Trump’s former campaign manager, close advisors, his son-in-law and others. Who are all of the suspects and what are they exactly suspected of?

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With each new suspect, the ring around US President Donald Trump tightens. Trump’s trip to the Middle East and Europe last week may have served as a brief distraction from the investigation into his ties to Russia, but upon his return to Washington DC, the affair continues to haunt him and even threatens his presidency. So, what exactly are Trump’s close associates suspected of and how could the investigation affect the president himself?

After months of developments, testimonies and dramatic headlines about Russia’s involvement in the US presidential election, the formal investigation revealed how some members of Trump’s team were in contact with Russian officials, each one of them on a daily basis.

The US Department of Justice and both bodies of Congress are investigating whether illicit connections between Trump’s close circle and the Russian government were conducted during the campaign. The American intelligence community has already confirmed there was Russian intervention during the US elections in favor of the Republican candidate.

Trump's close circle seems to be tied to Russia

Trump’s close circle seems to be tied to Russia Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Former FBI Director James Comey said Trump asked that the investigation against his associates be dropped and the Democratic Party as well as the media are already talking about impeachment.

These are the primary suspects from within Trump’s circle and the suspicions against them:

Michael Flynn – The national security adviser who resigned because of alleged ties with Russia.

Paul Manafort – Trump’s former campaign manager who secretly promoted Putin’s interests.

Carter Page – A foreign policy adviser during Trump’s campaign who is suspected of being an “agent” for the Kremlin.

Jared Kushner- Trump’s son-in-law and close adviser who is suspected of having proposed a secret channel of communication between Russia and the United States.

Jeff Sessions – The Trump-appointed US Attorney General who is suspected of knowing of Kushner’s intentions suspects from within Trump’s circle.