An investigation is underway on Iram Awan, the personal secretary of the British labor leader Jeremy Corbyn. She worked for nine months in the British parliament, although she did not receive security clearance from the security services to enter the building. This violated the British Parliament’s security practices.

For the time being, it is not clear whether the secretary intentionally refrained from going through the usual procedures to obtain the required security clearance to work in parliament, or whether the security classification was not granted due to suspicion of links with terrorist elements.

In the past, Awan was active in the extreme left-wing group Unity of the Left, founded by supporting BDS filmmaker Ken Loach. The movement explicitly supports the boycott of the State of Israel and some of its activists sought to seek parliamentary support for ISIS as a “stabilizing force” with “progressive potential.” The proposal was rejected.

The secretary of Jeremy Corbyn used a parliamentary pass granted to visitors and was always accompanied by the assistants of the labor leader. A parliamentary spokesperson made it clear that visitor visas were granted only to visitors and that parliamentary authorities would open an investigation into suspected breaches of security procedures.

Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesman declined to comment on the case, saying, “We do not deal with matters relating to our employees.”