Several iPhone X users took to Twitter to complain about a pesky green line that appears along the right side of the screen and does not go away even after restarting the device.

The 'green line of death'

The ‘green line of death’ Photo credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

The long-anticipated iPhone X has only been out on the market for a week, but already seems to have its share of technical issues.

A vertical green line is reported to have appeared along the right side of the screen a few minutes after the device is turned on. It reportedly won’t go away even after several restart attempts.

After the problem was discovered by a number of device owners, dozens more reported experiencing it as well and posted pictures on Twitter to prove it. One user called it ‘the green line of death.’

Apple has reportedly provided a new device to one of the users who complained about the problem, but failed to provide an explanation for it.

TechCrunch said the issue could stem from an electrical problem which influences the way the phone displays pixels.