Tehran announced that security forces in the country have eliminated the mastermind behind the twin terror attacks that struck the capital last week. In addition, it was stated that 42 of the 43 suspects who were arrested in connection with the attacks are linked to ISIS.

Footage from Khomeini’s shrine during the attack

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The Iranian authorities announced on Saturday evening that the mastermind behind the twin terror attacks in Tehran last week has been eliminated. The Iranian Intelligence Minister told the country’s official Tasnim News Agency that 42 of the suspects who were arrested after the attacks are connected to ISIS.

“The lead architect and commander responsible for the terror attack on the parliament and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s shrine was killed today by security forces,” the senior Iranian official told the news agency.

Explosion in Tehran

Explosion in Tehran Photo credit: Tasnim News Agency/Channel 2 News

Last week, ISIS claimed responsibility for the two attacks in which 17 people were killed and dozens more were injured. “We will not miss an opportunity to spill Shi’ite blood until the Sharia laws are enacted,” the murderous terrorist organization said in a statement. ISIS also threatened to carry out additional attacks in Iran.

The Iranian Interior Ministry stated that the terrorists arrived at the parliament building disguised as women, entering the building via the main gate. Once they were inside, they took out their guns and opened fire in all directions. The terrorists also held several people hostage. Shortly after the attack at the parliament building began, gunfire and an explosion were reported at Khomeini’s shrine.