Tehran police arrested six young Iranians after they performed a cover version of Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy”. “It is a vulgar clip that hurts the feelings of the public”, said Iranian police chief. Internet users in Iran were enraged and the singer himself didn’t remain indifferent

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Is happiness forbidden in Iran? Tehran police arrested six youngsters after they published online a cover version of Pharrell Williams’ Internet hit song – “Happy”. The clip shows three men and three women singing and dancing to the song – that was covered by people all over the world.

Tehran police chief said that: “After a vulgar clip that hurt the feelings of the public was published online, the police decided to identify the people behind it”. “Following intelligence reports and a police operation, coordinated with the courts, all the suspects were identified and arrested”, said the police chief, and added that the suspects: “confessed to their crimes”.

Singer Pharrell Williams commented on the arrests of the young Iranians: “It is more than sad that these kids were arrested for trying to spread some joy”. Iranian Internet users expressed their anger on Twitter and wrote that: “Iran is a country where it is a crime to be happy”.