A 7.3 magnitude earthquake was recorded along the Iran-Iraq border on Sunday night. The Iranian and Iraqi authorities reported that at least 300 are dead and thousands are injured and without shelter as rescue services continue to extricate trapped residents from the ruins.

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At least 300 people died and 1,700 were injured after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake was felt along the Iran-Iraq border Sunday night. According to local reports, emergency rescue services from both sides of the border are currently working towards rescuing dozens of people who remain trapped under the ruins.

The tremor most likely originated in the Kermanshah region in western Iran. The Iranian and Iraqi authorities reported that the number of casualties is expected to rise as rescue operations are underway. “There are still many people under the rubble,” explained an Iranian source. “Rescue services hope the numbers won’t rise significantly – but they definitely will rise.”

Devastation after 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Iran

Devastation after 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Iran Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

The earthquake resulted in power cuts and many residents were evacuated to parks and roads in fear of collapsing buildings and aftershocks. The tremors were felt miles away, with eye-witnesses in Baghdad saying they saw a building “fly in the air” as they were eating their dinner. “I thought at first it was a bomb, but everyone around me was shouting that it’s an earthquake,” recalled one Baghdad resident. The tremors were also felt to a lesser extent in Israel, Turkey, Kuwait and Pakistan.