The Iranian Army’s statement criticizes both the “criminal Zionist regime” and the Arab leaders who are complicit in their silence.

Iranian Army Day Parade

Iranian Army Day Parade Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In an official statement released today (Wednesday), the Islamic Republic of Iran Army threatened the “Zionist regime,” but also criticized Arab leaders for their silence on the recent embassy moves to Jerusalem.

The statement reads: “The defeat of the terrorist organizations in the Middle East have positioned the Zionist regime in a passive state which will lead to its destruction. The new crimes have put the Israeli regime on track for its downfall and destruction. God willing, the world will soon be witness to the collapse of the criminal regime.”

Though Israel was its primary target, the Iranian Army still had some words for Arab leaders who they criticized for “betraying the great nation of Palestine.” These leaders, said the statement, “stay silent against the US’ aggressive and adventurous move” of its embassy to Jerusalem and “establish ties with the Zionist regime.”

To these leaders, the Iranian army said that “the nations of the world are watching” and that their betrayal “will be remembered by history.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khameini also had a message for Arab leaders who “refrain from the great duty of fighting against Israel.” He tweeted on Saturday: “Woe to the head of those dependent and traitorous countries.”

This coming Friday marks what the Muslim world calls “al-Quds Day,” which, according to the Iranian Army, it is a day to “oppose the occupation, bullying and genocide against the oppressed people of Palestine.”

This is not the first threat to its existence that Israel has received from Iran this week. Yesterday, Khameini tweeted that Israel is “a malignant cancerous tumor” that “has to be removed and eradicated.”

The tweet went viral after Israel’s Embassy to the US tweeted a Mean Girl gif in response. “Why are you so obsessed with me?” asked the tweet, echoing the infamous Regina George.