A 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck Iran on Friday morning. Over 40 people were injured. No fatalities have been reported.

Iran after last month's earthquake

Iran after last month’s earthquake Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

A strong earthquake struck southern Iran on Friday morning, injuring over 40 people. The 6.0-magnitude earthquake rattled Kerman Province and the surrounding areas. According to the semi-official Fars news agency, dozens of houses were destroyed.

Last month, a powerful 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit the Iranian-Iraqi border, claiming over 500 lives and causing extensive damage. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered aid to Iran via the Red Cross. However, his offer was immediately rejected.

In a video message, Netanyahu explained why he offered the aid to Tehran. “My heart sank when I saw pictures from this great earthquake on the Iranian-Iraqi border,” Netanyahu said. “I saw mothers and fathers searching for their children, children buried under the rubble from this horrible earthquake. As a father, as an Israeli, as a Jew, I wanted to help.”