The greatest trick ever played on US President Donald Trump was when the Zionist regime of Israel and Saudi Arabia deceived him into withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a national conference on insurance and development, held in Tehran this week

Highlighting Iran’s commitment to the JCPOA after the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal, Rouhani said the Israeli regime, the Saudi kingdom and American hardliners duped Trump into leaving the agreement, making him believe that withdrawal from the JCPOA and imposition of tough sanctions on Iran would overthrow the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian president underlined that Tehran is still honoring the JCPOA and that a reduction of commitments to the JCPOA falls within the framework of the agreement.

In May 2018, Trump pulled his country out of the JCPOA. Iran and the remaining parties launched talks to save the JCPOA afterwards, but the three EU parties to the deal (France, Britain, and Germany) failed to ensure Iran’s economic interests.

The EU’s inaction forced Tehran to stop honoring certain commitments to the nuclear deal, including a rise in the stockpile of enriched uranium.

Iran maintains that the new measures are not designed to harm the JCPOA but to save the accord by creating a balance in the commitments.