Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has issued an executive order to all government structures to implement the law passed last week on launching a comprehensive retaliation against any of Israeli’s actions that Iran might consider hostile to itself or the Palestinian Authority, the IRNA news agency reported on Tuesday.

Such measures may reportedly include producing movies that reveal the Israeli war crimes and atrocities committed during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

There is a total of 16 articles in the anti-Israeli bill, which was unanimously adopted by 43 votes in the Iranian parliament on 12 May. It was then approved by the country’s Guardian Council and, until now, only lacked the president’s green light before becoming a law.

The statement comes after Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said that Israel will face more challenges in the future because of pressure from groups and movements established in the neighboring Arab countries that are opposed to the Jewish state.

Khamenei has also accused the United Nations of inaction in particular with regard to crimes committed against Muslims in the Palestinian Authority, saying that Western governments and international organizations have no clear idea of the “Islamic nature”.