Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei announced on Friday that the struggle to “liberate Palestine” was an obligation and an Islamic goal, adding “everyone must assist the Palestinian nation in this holy struggle”.

“The struggle to liberate Palestine is Jihad in the way of God, and it is an obligation and an Islamic goal. Victory in this such a struggle has been guaranteed,” said Khamenei.

Speaking as millions took part in worldwide events celebrating International Quds Day, Khamenei lashed out at the “Zionist regime”, which he branded a “deadly, cancerous growth and a pure detriment loss to this region”.

Khamenei also slammed the “abortive vain and futile” efforts by “certain Arab governments in the region, which act as the minions” of Washington, as they express a desire to normalize relations with Israel through establishing economic ties.

Earlier, Iran’s Supreme Leader announced his country would “support and assist any nation or any group anywhere” in its struggles against Israel, after the Palestinian Authority announced it was withdrawing from all agreements with Israel over its proposed annexation of the West Bank.