Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei has denounced the American-Israeli plot to counter Iran through normalization of ties between Israel and some Arab governments as a nonstarter.

Addressing an international conference on the decline of the US, held in the former American embassy in Tehran on Wednesday, Rezaei enumerated the signs of waning US power in various arenas, saying, “The recent plot initiated by the US and Israel to unite the Arabs and Israel against Iran will also end in failure.”

Highlighting a steep decline in the US military power under the rule of both Republicans and Democrats, Rezaei said the American defeats in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have sapped Washington’s defense power.

“The US has lost its leadership in many parts of the world, while alternative models such as the Saudi-led proxy wars on Yemen have also gone nowhere,” he underlined.

Rezaei also said that Iran should seize the opportunity provided by the decline of the US to make progress and take advantage of new sciences.

On Monday, the US expanded sanctions against Iran, targeting the country’s ministry of petroleum along with 10 other entities, two other vessels and eight individuals including the minister of petroleum, the National Iranian Oil Company and National Iranian Tanker Company.

According to the US Treasury, the blacklisted individuals were involved in the recent sale of Iranian gasoline to Venezuela.