The Trump administration’s policy of ‘maximum pressure’ against Iran has proved ineffective and is coming to an end, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has announced.

“All signs in the US and elsewhere indicate that the world has come to realize that the policy of ‘maximum pressure’ does not work and its era is over,” Rouhani said on Thursday as cited by Tasnim News Agency.

The Iranian people, Rouhani continued, will he hopes soon be able to “enjoy the fruits of their resistance and patience” in the face of US pressure.

“With one another’s help, we will overcome the coronavirus disease, and with national unity, cohesion and revolutionary leadership [of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei] we will overcome the sanctions,” he said.

Rouhani’s remarks come less than 24 hours after he accused Trump of pursuing a foreign policy guided by “the Zionist regime” and boasted that the US administration which sought the downfall of the Islamic Republic “has itself been overthrown”.

The Iranian president has repeatedly turned the “maximum pressure” rhetoric used by Trump administration officials against them. In September, after Washington failed to convince its allies and other members of the United Nations Security Council to extend the UN arms embargo against Iran indefinitely, Rouhani quipped that the US’s policy of “maximum pressure” had turned into one of “maximum isolation of the United States”.