In an official statement issued by Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Tehran warned that it will relaunch its nuclear program. Meanwhile, thousands took to the streets of the Iranian capital after Friday’s morning prayers to rally against US and Israel.


Zarif Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

Iran said it would start enriching uranium in light of US President Donald Trump’s decision to tighten the hold on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, CNN reported on Friday.

In a statement today, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif warned that Iran would relaunch its nuclear program on a high scale while indicating that Iran had no choice but to seek support from countries that are in favor of the deal.

In the official statement, the foreign minister said that he was assigned with the task of obtaining an obligation from parties who support the agreement and added: “We will take all necessary measures to prepare for the enrichment of uranium with no restrictions.”

Thousands of demonstrators flooded the streets of Tehran today following morning prayers, rallying against both US and Israel. Protesters burned an American flag while chanting anti-American slogans, CNN reported.