Iranian President Hassan Rouhani remarked Thursday that he has “no doubt” that the incoming administration of US President-elect Joe Biden would prompt the US to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal.

In remarks made during the inauguration ceremony of nearly 100 infrastructure projects, Rouhani told viewers that the “three-year resistance of the Iranian nation will force the future US administration to succumb to the people and return to their commitments and break the sanctions.”

“Our first task is to try to make sanctions ineffective or less effective,” he said during a video conference, adding that efforts “should not be delayed even for an hour.”

Iranian officials have stated the nation would be willing to return to the JCPOA on the condition that serious concessions are made, and that the US would compensate Iran in some manner for the economic setbacks caused by the sanctions.

As for Biden, the president-elect previously indicated that he would restart talks with Iran, noting that his first step in easing tensions with the country would be to rejoin the agreement; however, it’s unclear how soon into his administration the issue may be taken up.