Hassan Nasrallah, general secretary of the Lebanese Shi’ite Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah, said that “the Israeli attacks in Syria are unbearable and must be stopped. These comments come against the backdrop of the latest Israeli air strike in the Syrian province of Latakia, in which the Syrian air defense mistakenly shot down a Russian military intelligence plane with 15 crew members on board, and after the attack on Damascus International Airport a few days earlier.

Satellite photographs of the latest attacks attributed to Israel in Syria show dramatic revelations. In Latakia there was very little left of a large weapons depot 155 meters long and 35 meters wide. At Damascus International Airport, which was attacked last Saturday, wreckages of a plane that was blown up can be seen. The plane is reportedly a Boeing 747 of the airline Fars Air Qeshem, linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which had been converted into a cargo plane. 

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Despite these findings, Nasrallah claimed that “Israel’s numerous attacks in Syria have nothing to do with the transfer of arms to Hezbollah. Israel is trying to prevent the Syrian army from developing a ballistic capability of its own, which would change the balance of deterrence. The rest of his speech focused on Lebanon’s internal issues and the Syrian civil war.

The spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) pointed out after the attack in Latakia that the targeted Syrian military facility, was filled with precise and lethal weapons meant to be transferred to Iran and the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah in Lebanon. “These weapons were intended to attack Israel and pose an intolerable threat.