After Israeli Interior Minister Arie Deri approved her asylum request, Iranian journalist Nada Amin landed in Israel on Thursday. She was greeted by friends and coworkers at the airport.

Nada Amin

Nada Amin Photo Credit: Nada Amin’s Twitter account/Channel 2 News

About three years ago, 32-year-old Iranian journalist Nada Amin fled Iran, where she was expected to receive a death sentence. Today (Thursday), she landed in Israel after her request to enter the country on a tourist visa was approved. She was greeted at the airport by several of her supporters and friends.

“Welcome to Israel!” Israeli Interior Minister Arie Deri wrote on his Twitter page. The National Journalists Association filed the request on her behalf last week and Deri approved it on Sunday.

“Interior Minister Deri accepted the Jerusalem and National Journalists Associations’ request to grant the entry of the Iranian journalist who writes for the Times of Israel,” the Israeli Interior Ministry said in a statement. “This is a journalist whose life is in real danger simply for writing columns on the Israeli news site.”

Amin was in Turkey for the past three years. However, Turkey recently informed her that she would be deported back to Iran soon. In a letter sent by Jerusalem Journalists Association Director Achiya Ginossar to Deri, the association members asked him to approve Amin’s entry and stay in Israel as an asylum seeker who is being persecuted due to her job as a journalist and whose life is in danger.