The Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has highlighted America’s successive defeats in direct and proxy wars and its growing isolation in the international community, saying the US is unable to heal its wounds.

Addressing a ceremony on the joining of 188 new drones and helicopters to the IRGC Navy’s fleet, Major General Hossein Salami said the US used to deal with the challenges through wars in the past, but it is now unable to heal its wounds.

The American wars, severe sanctions, psychological warfare, heavy political pressures and plots against Iran have all ended in failure, the general added, saying the US has no more capability or motivation for another war because of its aging hardware and weakened resolve.

Pointing to the major economic challenges that have gripped the US, Major General Salami said the American leaders have no political wisdom and have become passive.

He further reaffirmed Iran’s determination to boost its power and extend the range of weapons, saying the IRGC Navy has made great advances and has turned into an air-based naval power with a combination of amphibious drones, choppers and planes.

The enemy has failed to achieve any success in direct or proxy wars, Salami underlined, saying the UN Security Council’s opposition to the US is a sign of the “global arrogance’s isolation.”