Amid an escalation of tensions between Israel and Iran, Hossein Salami, the deputy chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has threatened that his country’s missiles are capable of reaching Israel.

Hossein Salami

Hossein Salami Photo credit: Hossein Zohrevand, Wikimedia Commons

Iranian Revolutionary Guards deputy chief Hossein Salami warned Israel on Friday that Iran’s missiles are capable of reaching Israel if necessary.

“Our missiles are ready to be launched at any moment as a response to our enemy’s actions,” Salami tweeted. “Israel, do not trust your air force, it is also within our reach; do not have your hopes in the US and UK. The only way for you to escape will be to the sea.”

These remarks come a week after an air strike that targeted an Iranian airbase in Syria and was attributed to Israel, and may have also been triggered by Israel’s recent revelation of Iran’s aerial systems in Syria.

Earlier on Friday, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the tensions with Iran during a government meeting. “We are confident of our ability to defend ourselves by ourselves, and that is the essence of our independence,” Netanyahu said. “We are hearing threats from Iran, but the IDF and security forces are prepared for everything.”