Mehdi Karroubi led the Iranian Green Movement’s protest following Iran’s controversial elections in 2009 and was sentenced to house arrest without receiving a public trial. 79-year-old Karroubi recently decided, while he was ill, to go on hunger strike until Iranian authorities grant him a public trial and explain to him why he has been sitting under house arrest and has been under constant surveillance.

Karroubi has been hospitalized

Karroubi has been hospitalized Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

An Iranian opposition leader sentenced to house arrest in February 2011 began a hunger strike in order to pressure authorities within the Islamic republic to grant him a public trial. Former Iranian presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi led the mass protests following the controversial election of former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009 – a protest which lasted many months and grabbed the world’s attention for human rights violations under the ayatollahs’ Iranian regime. Yesterday, Karroubi declared the start of his hunger strike and today (Thursday), he was hospitalized.

Karroubi, who is considered the leader of the Iranian Green Movement, underwent heart treatments over the past few months and his supporters fear that he is approaching his final days. He was sentenced to house arrest and is under constant surveillance including guards who live with him in his home. Despite the fact that he requested to stand public trial for his so-called crimes, the regime in Tehran did not see it fit to do so.

Placement under house arrest is a common way for the authorities in Tehran to deal with political leaders who are against the regime. Karroubi’s son claims that the regime wants to silence his father without due consideration and is worried that his father’s body will not make it through the hunger strike.