After US President Donald Trump blasted the Iran nuclear deal alongside his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responded and said that Trump knows nothing about politics and international agreements.


Rouhani Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

Less than a day after US President Donald Trump warned that Iran would pay “a price that very few countries have paid in the past,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani attacked Trump’s involvement in the Middle East. “You know nothing about laws and politics,” he said. “You have no political background. You have no background in legislation. You don’t have a background in international agreements. How can a merchant, a dealer, a tower construction contractor, to make decisions on international agreements?”

“The nuclear agreement has proven that the US and the Zionist entity are lying about Iran,” Rouhani said, referring to the claims about Iran’s compliance with the IAEA’s standards. “If you [Trump] cease your involvement in the region, it will be much safer and stable.”

The Iranian president made these remarks shortly after Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told the AP that Iran will respond to an American withdrawal from the nuclear agreement by pulling out as well.

Yesterday, JOL reported that French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Washington DC to meet with Trump in an attempt to convince him not to withdraw from the deal with Iran, which is expected to be dissolved by the US in three weeks. During their meeting, Trump called the deal “insane” and “ridiculous.”

“People know my views on the Iran deal,” he said. “It was a terrible deal. It should have never been made.” Macron responded to Trump by saying that the deal made with Iran was an important one and that France’s interests are in curbing Iran’s activities in the region.