While Muslim communities around the world marked International al-Quds day, some Iranian civilians had heartening messages of hope and love for Israel.

Message of support from Iran

Message of support from Iran

Iranians have turned to social media to declare their support of Israel in response to the worldwide al-Quds Day demonstrations.

The surprising wave of support also follows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s video announcement in which he presented Israel’s plans to “help save countless Iranian lives” by sharing its cutting-edge water technology with Iranian farmers.

Using the hashtag #WeStandWithIsrael, Iranians  launched a social media campaign to express their desire for peace and denounce the Iranian regime’s threats against the Jewish State. The campaign, which began at 9 pm on Friday, coincided with International al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day, a day marked by Muslim communities around the world to show solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

#WeStandWithIsrael campaign

#WeStandWithIsrael campaign Photo Credit: Twitter

Last week, the Iranian Army released a statement which said that al-Quds day is an opportunity “oppose the occupation, bullying and genocide against the oppressed people of Palestine.” Indeed, thousands of Iranians participated in the demonstrations, joined by regime leaders and government officials.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, said on Saturday that “Palestine is ‘From River to the Sea.’ “This is Palestine and AlQuds is irrefutably its capital.” During last year’s march in Tehran, slogans against both Israel and the United States were chanted and flags from both countries were burned. This year, an effigy of US President Donald Trump wearing the Israeli flag was burned as onlookers waved anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian signs.