Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, said in a televised speech that any dispute that exists in the region, specifically the one between his country and Saudi Arabia, can be solved through dialogue rather than an armed conflict.

Amid growing tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia over their respective support for rival groups in Syria and Yemen, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday called for Middle Eastern nations to solve their disputes with dialogue.

“We believe that any problem that arises in the region can be solved through dialogue,” Rouhani said in a televised speech. “We do not need arms or the intervention of foreign powers.”

In Syria, Iran backs President Bashar al-Assad’s military, as well as Hezbollah which assists Assad’s forces. Saudi Arabia is the main supporter of several rebel groups.

In Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Arab states support ousted President Mansour Hadi, while Iran backs the Houthi rebels who led to his escape from the country in 2015.