The governments of Iran and Iraq signed an agreement worth nearly $195 million that will provide the Iraqi military with weapons and ammunition from the Islamic Republic. Apparently, the agreement was signed between the two former rivals after Washington refused Iran’s request to provide weapons in the country’s war against Al-Qaeda.

Have Iran and Iraq signed a weapons deal?

Have Iran and Iraq signed a weapons deal? Photo Credit: AP

Has Iran violated the the ban on weapons sales out of the country issued by the United Nations? According to reports by the Reuters newswire this morning (Tuesday), Tehran has signed an agreement to provide weapons and ammunition to the Iraqis in exchange for nearly 195 million dollars.

According to the report, the agreement was signed towards the end of November last year, just weeks after the Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, had requested a weapons deal from the United States in order to fight off Al-Qaeda terror operatives in his country.

The United States refused al-Maliki’s request out of fear that providing weapons to Iraq, a country which has continually drawn closer to Iran since American military presence there has declined, would somehow allow American weapons to trickle into the Islamic Republic. The Americans refusal has seemingly backfired, as the Iraqis were forced to turn to Tehran for their weapons instead.

The first deal since US left Iraq

A spokesman for the Iraqi government did not deny nor confirm the reports, but stated that such an agreement is completely understandable. “We are fighting terror and we want to win this war”, said the spokesman. “There is nothing preventing us from purchasing weapons so long as they are helping us combat terror”.

Unlike the government in Baghdad, officials in Tehran shut down the authenticity of the report. If such an agreement is indeed carried out, it will be the first deal made by the new Iraqi government with the Islamic Republic of Iran since the American soldiers left the country in 2011.