The Iraqi Army and the Iran-backed militias have regained control over one of the last ISIS strongholds in Iraq, the town of Hawija. ISIS now controls only an area near the Syrian border.

Forces in Iraq

Forces in Iraq Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Iraqi Army announced Thursday that it has regained control over the town of Hawija. With the help of the local militias, the soldiers expelled ISIS from the town, which was one of the murderous terrorist group’s last strongholds in Iraq, leaving only the territory adjacent to the Syrian border in the hands of the terrorists.

The Iraqi Army spokesperson confirmed that all the territory in the town, including the hospitals, has been freed and that the soldiers have complete control over the area. Having already lost Mosul, the defeat in Hawija constitutes a significant blow for the terrorists, whose territory continues to shrink.

According to reports, the combined attack was carried out by the US-backed Iraqi forces and the Shi’ite militias funded by Iran.