The girl’s mother posted on Facebook after her daughter’s disappearance: “Nothing is worse for a mother when she does not know where her child is.”

Ali Bashar's Mugshot.

Ali Bashar’s Mugshot. Photo Credit: Germany Police

Twenty-year-old Ali Bashar, sought by German police after a 14-year-old Jewish girl went missing two weeks ago, was captured in Iraq, it was reported on Friday.

Susanna Feldman’s body was found two days ago, on Wednesday, June 6, near the city of Wiesbaden in western Germany after she was allegedly raped and murdered by Bashar.

The suspect, an Iraqi refugee who was refused asylum by Germany, managed to flee Germany with his family before the investigation into Feldman’s rape and murder was opened.

Bashar and seven of his family members had been living together at a refugee center in Wiesbaden.

German police said that a 13-year-old refugee arrived at a police station last Sunday claiming that Bashar was behind the murder and rape of the girl. It is believed that the girl was strangled.

German prosecutors said that a third suspect, a 35-year-old Turkish citizen, was also arrested at his home in Wiesbaden in connection with the case.

The body of Feldman was discovered close to a railroad at the outskirts of the city, and enforcement authorities believe that both suspects buried the body after committing the crime.

On May 23, the victim’s mother reported her daughter missing when she failed to arrive back home the same morning from a previous night out. Police did not immediately open the investigation due to the girl’s habit of staying out.

The victim’s mother, Diana Feldman, used Facebook to post frequent updates regarding her daughter’s disappearance. In one of her posts, she said: “Nothing in this world is worse for a mother when she does not know where her child is.”

Two days after Susanna went missing, the Central Council of Jews in Germany said that she was a member of the Jewish community in the adjacent town of Maintz.

Bashar, who had arrived in Germany in 2015, was already known to police after being linked to a series of crimes, including an alleged knife robbery in March. In 2016, his appeal for asylum was rejected, but he was allowed to remain in Germany.