Iraqi forces raided several important sites in Mosul including the main government complex and the city’s famous museum. The operation was deemed a success and all of the ISIS terrorists were expelled from the buildings. The U.S.-backed Iraqi forces’ next challenge is the old city of Mosul, an ISIS stronghold.


Mosul Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Iraqi Army continues to advance in the battle for Mosul and has expelled ISIS terrorists from additional parts of the city. During an extensive overnight operation, Iraqi counterterrorism forces regained control of several key locations in the city including the main government complex, police headquarters and Mosul’s main museum. In addition, the forces captured the building that the murderous terrorist organization used as its highest court of justice.

This operation represents significant progress for the Iraqi forces, which launched the battle for the western part of the city on February 19. The U.S.-backed Iraqi forces view the success of this operation as a great achievement because the properties from which the ISIS terrorists were expelled are extremely important. The battle will now enter a very complicated phase as the Iraqi forces advance toward the old city of Mosul, an ISIS stronghold.

The operation also holds a symbolic significance in the battle for the city. Mosul’s main museum was ransacked by ISIS terrorists when the murderous terrorist organization gained control of the building. Pictures of terrorists destroying the items inside the museum quickly made international headlines. In addition, the government complex was used by ISIS for public and horrific executions.

Last week, JOL reported that Arab news outlets stated that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi acknowledged that his organization suffered a setback in Mosul. Arab news agencies claimed that al-Baghdadi called on ISIS members to flee Mosul and hide in the mountains surrounding the city. In addition, the leader of the murderous terrorist organization urged ISIS members to blow themselves up if they are caught by Iraqi forces. However, these reports have not been confirmed by ISIS.

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