The terrorist organization suffered another defeat after Iraqi forces succeeded in liberating most of Tal-Afar’s neighborhoods, a stronghold of ISIS in Iraq, after several days of intense combat. Iraqi Prime Minister: “You will surrender or die.”

Watch: Fighting in Tal-Afar, Iraq.

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Following six days of intense battles, Iraqi forces announced the successful recapturing of 70% of Tal Afar, which was in the hands of ISIS forces and was the terrorist organization’s last stronghold in Northern Iraq. “The remaining parts will also be freed shortly,” said Iraq’s Foreign Minister.

Iraqi forces are being assisted by aircraft of the international coalition against ISIS, which struck ISIS terrorists in the Tal-Afar area, 150 km away from the border with Syria. The region is considered to be strategic for combating ISIS forces and the successful recapturing of most of it will cut off the terrorist group’s supplies arriving from and to Syria.

“The army’s special forces liberated the neighborhoods and raised the flag of Iraq on the rooftops,” said the government’s official statement.

Battle in Tal-Afar

Battle in Tal-Afar Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Approximately 1,400-1,600 ISIS terrorists remain Tal-Afar and are taking part in the battles while several senior commanders of the terrorist group have fled the area.

Before the war in the region began, the number of residents was around 200,000; however, today it is estimated that only 10,000-20,000 citizens remain.

The attack against ISIS began earlier this week. “You will surrender or die,” warned Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a threatening message to the terrorists.

Last week, the Lebanon-based Al-Manar station reported that Hezbollah began a joint operation with the Syrian army against ISIS forces in Syria near the Syrian-Lebanese border. On the Lebanese side of the border, a similar operation against pockets of ISIS terrorists is being carried out by Lebanese forces, according to the Reuters News Agency.