Following yesterday’s declaration that the Old City of Mosul had been liberated from ISIS by the Iraqi Army, the Iraqi Prime Minister officially declared victory over the terrorist organization and visited the ruined city today, from which over 1 million residents fled and thousands were killed.

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi declared victory over ISIS in Mosul, the city that was considered the last stronghold of the terrorist organization in Iraq. Al-Abadi said he had arrived in the liberated city and “blessed the forces and people in Iraq for their victory.”

During the day (Sunday), there were reports from Mosul that ISIS members had committed suicide in the Tigris River in an attempt to escape Iraqi soldiers after eight months of fighting in the city. An estimated 1 million people had fled the city during the lengthy battle and thousands were killed.

Even as the Iraqi prime minister arrived in the city today, black smoke could still be seen rising above the homes of the residents. According to reports, throughout the Old City’s streets, the bodies of ISIS members’ who were apparently killed in air raids, were seen.

ISIS members reportedly killed themselves to avoid capture

ISIS members reportedly killed themselves to avoid capture Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

As previously reported by JOL,  The Al-Mayadeen TV network reported on Saturday that the Old City of Mosul has been fully liberated by the Iraqi forces that took control during the last stretch of fighting over the past few days on the banks of the Tigris River. After nine months of fighting against ISIS, the city center and the historic old city, including the famous mosque where Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi declared the “ISIS Caliphate,” are in ruins. Forty percent of the city’s roads and bridges have been destroyed, 200,000 residents who escaped are homeless, and reconstruction costs alone are estimated at close to $190 million.