Investigators say it was not an anti-Semitic crime.

Ali Bashar's police mugshot.

Ali Bashar’s police mugshot. Photo Credit: Germany Police

Iraqi asylum seeker Ali Bashar has admitted to raping and killing 14-year-old Susanna Feldman, whose body was found near Wiesbaden in western Germany two days ago.

Police in Iraq confirmed that Bashar admitted to killing the teenager. However, investigators concluded that the murder of the 14-year-old Jewish girl was not an anti-Semitic attack, as previously thought. Authorities said that there was “no evidence to conclude that her faith was a factor” in the case.

Earlier, JOL reported that Bashar fled Germany immediately after committing the crime, along with some of his family members, and was found in Iraq on Friday after a two-week manhunt.

According to Bashar, he and Susanna, who were friends, had a quarrel during which she threatened she would call the police. The German newspaper Bild reported that Bashar and Feldman argued shortly before the attack.

Police said that on Sunday a 13-year-old refugee came to the police station and told them that Bashar committed the acts. German prosecutors said that the second suspect, a 35-year-old Turkish citizen, was arrested at his home in Wiesbaden.

Feldman’s body was found in a wooded area close to a railroad in the outskirts of Wiesbaden, where law enforcement authorities believe the two suspects buried the body after committing the crime.