An Al-Qaeda operative testified from an undisclosed location that five members of the Malaysian Jihad were given bombs to hide in their shoes over a week ago and that one of the individuals in the Jihad used to work as an aircraft pilot. The source also asserted that the engineer behind the September 11th attacks also planned an attack on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.

Press conference held by the Malaysian Prime Minister

Press conference held by the Malaysian Prime Minister Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2

The British newspaper, “The Telegraph” revealed the testimony of a Al-Qaeda operative living in Britain, who stated that over a week ago he allegedly gave shoe bombs to four or five members of the Malaysian Jihad at a training camp in Afghanistan. “They were ready to carry out a hijacking attack similar to 9/11”, said the Al-Qaeda source to the paper.

According to testimony provided in court by the Al-Qaeda operative Saajid Badat, the members of the Malaysian Jihad were instructed on how to hide the bombs in their shoes and how to use them to blow up the entrance to the cockpit of the plane. Security specialists claim that the testimony provided by the Al-Qaeda member, who has been accused of committing acts of terrorism in the past, is “trustworthy”.

Badat told the court how he met the men at a training camp in Afghanistan and that one of them was a former pilot, giving them the bombs to hide in their shoes. “The planning of these kinds of missions takes a long time”, said one British security source.

Photo Credit: AP/ Channel 2

“The bombs were meant for the cockpit”

Badat, a British-born Muslim, was testifying in court against terror activities in Britain when he provided the account of the Malaysian mission. “I gave one of the shoes to the Malaysians, and I think it was meant to enter the cockpit”, he noted.

He also revealed that the planning of the Malaysian plot was led by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the “principle architect of the 9/11 attacks” in 2001. According to Badat, Mohammed had a list of the tallest buildings in the world, a list from which the Twin Towers were erased following the attack 13 years ago.

Badat was convicted in 2005 and is currently serving a 13 year sentence for involvement in delivering the shoe bomb belonging to Richard Ried, the “Shoe Bomber”, who attempted to blow up a trans-Atlantic American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami in 2001.

It is clear that the possibility that the plane was hijacked is being seriously reconsidered by the authorities involved in the case, following a speech made by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak, who claimed that “someone on the plane” destroyed the communications systems. Meanwhile, the possibility that the plane made it to Indonesia or Kazakhstan before the communications systems were failed is still being considered.

The Malaysian Police announced yesterday that they are still investigating into the psychological and familial background of the pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah, aged 53, and of the co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, aged 27. A short time after the press conference held by the Prime Minister, the Malaysian Police broke into Shah’s home to conduct a search.