As the IDF consistently describes the firing incidents from Syria as spillover from the civil war, senior Israeli officials are becoming more and more skeptic about that position. Syria has told the UN that the fire had been “ordered” by Israel itself.

The Israeli-Syrian border

The Israeli-Syrian border Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Throughout the past week, the IDF has been consistent in stating that it will respond strongly to any firing incident from Syria. It has also been consistent in describing such incidents as spillover fire from the Syrian civil war. However, that position is now under criticism from within the Israeli security establishment itself.

Senior security officials argue that the multiple incidents last week were intentional and could not have been spillover fire, citing factors such as the amount of rockets launched, the unusual times of day and the fact that there was no fighting going on during the launches.

The Syrian regime has provided its own explanation for the shootings, telling the UN that Israel had itself asked rebel forces to shoot into its territory in order to justify carrying out attacks in Syria. The “continued acts of aggression,” Syria said, could have “dire consequences.”

The escalation along Israel’s northern border continued on Saturday, with four missiles landing in isolated areas in northern Israel. The IDF retaliated by attacking three Syrian artillery cannons and later stated, “If incidents like this continue to happen, the Israeli response will become even stronger.”