A year before the deadly London Bridge terror attack, ISIS attempted to recruit a young Muslim in the UK to carry out an attack at the popular tourist destination, according to an undercover reporter who was posing as the young Muslim online.

The scene of the London Bridge attack

The scene of the London Bridge attack Photo Credit: EPA

An undercover BBC Inside Out London reporter is claiming that an ISIS recruiter tried to persuade him to carry out an attack on London Bridge in 2016, about a year before the deadly terror attack on the bridge.

When the ISIS recruiter suggested that the reporter, who was posing as a British teenager, target the landmark in an attack, BBC Inside Out London contacted the UK security agencies and passed along the information. In addition, BBC Inside Out London told the agencies that the recruiter also suggested that an attack be carried out in Westminster. The terrorist told the undercover reporter that Westminster is a good target because it is a very busy and crowded city.

According to the reporter, the ISIS recruiter even helped him find a terrorist manual on the dark web, where their conversations took place. The manual reportedly shows terrorists how to carry out lethal attacks using vehicles and knives. The full BBC Inside Out London report about the reporter’s conversations with the ISIS terrorist will be aired this evening.

In March 2017, terrorist Khalid Masood murdered four and injured dozens more in Westminster. Shortly after the attack, the murderous terrorist organization’s Amaq News Agency reported that the 52-year-old British Muslim was answering the calls of ISIS to carry out terror attacks targeting civilians of the countries that are fighting the group in Syria. A few months later, eight people were murdered and over 40 were injured on London Bridge and at Borough Market after three terrorists carried out a car-ramming and stabbing attack.